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Get a Johnson/Weld petition

The petition for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld has arrived. We need your help. Once again, we need 5000 signatures to get our candidate on the ballot.

Because the petition isn't on regular-sized paper, we'll mail you a petition to make it easier on you!

So we can be sure to get your signatures on-time, please give us a little information so we can let you know when the petition drive is finishing up (so you can send your signatures back to us!)

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky

Since 1971, the Libertarian Party has been a consistent voice in reducing the size of all aspects of government as a means of protecting personal liberty.

Born from an understanding that neither Republicans nor Democrats are interested in protecting the rights of the individual, libertarianism is a philosophy that holds that a person should be free to live as that person so chooses, and accepting responsibility for their own actions, without forcibly effecting the lives of others.

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