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Clarification on latest press release

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I wanted to take a moment to clarify the latest press release, since you can't write a novel in a press release.

Let's start out again by reiterating that Rand Paul is not a Libertarian.

Libertarians, as you all should already know, agree with Democrats and Republicans on certain issues, though not always for the same reasons.

We have classically agreed with Republicans on economic freedom. In the 1980's, Reagan preached a message of economic liberty that rang true for many of our members: Reducing taxes, eliminating barriers to entry, etc. The Republicans of the early 90's advocated returning power from the federal government to the states, and that also attracted Libertarians. This is our influence from Goldwater.

We have classically agreed with Democrats when it came to social freedom: Live and let live, people have a right to make their own lifestyle decisions as long as they don't force them upon others. This is our influence from the hippie movement.

The confusion is due to both the Republicans and Democrats having strayed from the points where we once classically agreed with them. Republicans voted for the Bank Bailout and ran massive deficits from 2000 through 2006. Democrats now want to force people into certain lifestyle choices, such national healthcare.

And make no mistake, our non-agression principle is what drives us to be economic conservatives and socially tolerant (formerly, liberal). So there are places where we haven't agreed with either party.

Real fiscal and social conservatives are rare these days, especially in politics. Omnibus bills are not a new development. They existed and were passed all through the GWB administration. Social conservativism lives on, but it's slightly different than 20 years ago. I can't quite pin-point the difference. Maybe someone else can tell me.

Just as rare are the true fiscal and social liberals. Today, a social "liberal" as defined by popular vernacular is one who wants to take all of your money redistribute it, and to take your personal healthcare choices and mandate a "minimum".

So, when a candidate like Rand Paul pops up, who is a fiscal and social conservative, in the way things used to be in the 1980s, his opponents label him a "Libertarian", for multiple reasons. And Rand Paul even more-so.

(1) Modern Republicans are not fiscal conservatives. That's led to the rise of the TEA Party movement. Perhaps you've heard of that (heh).

(2) His father is Ron Paul is/was a Libertarian. Ron was our 1988 Presidential Candidate. But does this mean that the son MUST believe everything that the father espouses? Of course not. That's what the media and his opponents are trying to make you believe, though.

(3) The opponents are losing, and they're losing traction fast. Recent polls show that TEA Party candidates are much more popular than establishment Republican candidates. Rand Paul is a TEA Party candidate.

Now, I will not fault the man for being a fiscal conservative. As I'm a fiscal conservative myself, I appreciate his stands on fiscal issues. This is where Libertarians and Republicans had traditionally agreed.

But we disagree on social issues. He is a social conservative and advocates the continued use of government to maintain that social conservativism. I'm socially tolerant, living a socially conservative lifestyle by choice. This is where we part company, and what definitively makes Rand Paul a "TEA Party" Republican, not a Libertarian.

I hope this is clear, and this is a thread open to discussion, so please feel free to comment.

For those within the LPKY party structure, that are confused about these statements and the FEC regulations I've been warning of, for the past year: I am defending the LPKY, not promoting Rand Paul. I did not ask for this fight, but we must defend our party. We are not Rand Paul, and Rand Paul is not us. It does not serve us well to allow the GOP smear machine to associate the two.