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Oh my, the media

You know, I had about 7,000 other things planned for this week, and only one thing has ended up dominating it.

For the 15,000th time, Rand Paul isn't a Libertarian. He never has been one, he never will be one.

We have more coming in dealing with this mess, but let's correct the record on a few things right now.

MSNBC says, in their most recent article, "The Libertarian Party is considering running a candidate in Kentucky's U.S. Senate race, saying GOP nominee Rand Paul — the son of a former Libertarian presidential candidate — has betrayed the party's values."

Problem - Rand can't betray our values because he never signed onto our principles in the first place.

Another problem - FEC guidelines prevent any party from recruiting candidates to run for Federal office.

Another problem - We'd need (a) someone to volunteer to run; (b) they'd have to be approved by our executive committee; (c) they'd have to collect over 5000 signatures in less than 3 months; (d) and they'd have to pay the $500 filing fee.

As fun as it is to run sensational headlines, this is nowhere close to what's going on.

But the race is being closely watched as Democrats seek to reclaim a seat that is being vacated by retiring Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, a 78-year-old former major league pitcher who opted not to seek a third term.

Democrats are drinking Kool-Aid from a firehose if they think they're going to win the US Senate seat here in Kentucky. I've mentioned before that this isn't going to happen, and the real motivation of this whole mess.

Dems haven't held the seat since 1992. Obama got his rear-end handed to him here, losing by almost 17 points. I see no signs of this changing, regardless of the current media flap.

Libertarians typically side with Democrats on social issues and Republicans on fiscal issues. Because of that, a Libertarian candidacy would likely draw equally from both Paul and Conway, said University of Kentucky political scientist Stephen Voss.

Well, someone's paying attention, anyway. Congrats to Mr. Voss for knowing what's really going on here, and what we've been trying to say all along.