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Reflections from the former chairman

We've made some very good progress in the past 4 years.

We put a structure behind the party. Every level of the party now has a defined core structure, which gives defined roles for volunteers who wish to take an official role with the party, at whatever level.

This will help us continue to grow. Rather than have a revolving door of people in a single Executive Committee at the state level, and everyone else in an unknown role, we now have the ability to have defined roles all the way down to the precinct level.

By having these defined roles, we will be able to have a place for volunteers to get and stay involved. And by having the volunteers involved, we'll run better elections.

I'm confident in saying that we now only lack the ability to win elections in a few key places; straight-party-ticket voting, free advertising resulting from taxpayer-funded primaries, and a lack of financial backing. These issues will continue to be resolved over time.

With a plan to continue to grow our volunteer base, continue to spread the word, and continue to legitimize the LPKY, we're building a recipe for long-term success.

As I continue to transition everything over to our new chairman, I want to ensure everyone that I'm not leaving the Party. This is simply a role transition, and the next phase of my involvement will be announced in the near future.

In Liberty,
Ken Moellman
Former State Executive Committee Chairman