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Red Star: An open letter to the TEA Parties of Kentucky

From Ken Moellman, former candidate for State Treasurer:

To all those recently denied leadership roles in the Republican Party of Kentucky -

First, I want to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you. Your help in 2011 meant a lot to me. I never intended to hurt your political aspirations, and I think that the RPK is foolish to turn away such dedicated and motivated people such as yourselves.

Unfortunately, the establishment of the Republican Party has decided to punish certain people. Not just those who directly supported my campaign, but even those of you who think that open access to the ballot is fair and honest. Your signature on my petition, or perhaps on Gatewood's petition, was not a signature in support of a particular candidacy. Your signature was only a petition to allow a voice to be heard. Apparently, the RPK doesn't believe that other voices should be heard.

You may or may not have voted for me in November. While I hope you did (and thank you if you did), I know that some did end up voting another way. Your signature helped me promote ideas that I believe were beneficial to the Commonwealth, and I thank you as a voter for allowing alternate voices to be heard.

As you know, our state is in some sad shape. The establishment within both political parties divide the wealth of the state up amongst themselves and their supporters, to the detriment of us, the real Kentuckians. You should never be ashamed of doing what is right.

Since 2000, I have voted for the best candidate in a race, not against the worst. It was a decision that at first was very difficult. I was a Republican until 1998. The 1996 candidacy of Bob Dole made me reconsider my political path. After some soul-searching. I found the Libertarian Party. While not a perfect match, I found the Libertarian Party best suited my political beliefs and goals.

I encourage each of you to look into alternative paths. Here in Kentucky, the Libertarian Party is growing. There are also other alternatives that are available as well, such as the Constitution Party. Having spoken to many TEA Parties, I believe that either of these two groups would be a good fit for the majority of TEA Partiers throughout the state.

Find a group that wants to work with you, not against you, and continue to be that voice for a better county, a better state, and a better nation.

I will always work with liberty-minded people throughout the state to promote individual liberty, regardless of political affiliation, and I encourage all of you to do the same.


Ken Moellman
Former 2011 Libertarian Candidate for State Treasurer
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Kentucky 4th District