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Standing Committees

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky has four standing committees and 3 ad-hoc committees.

Standing Committees


The Membership Committee is tasked with responsible for maintenance of Party membership lists and membership drives.


The Finance Committee is tasked with creating a budget for the State Party and maintaining the financial records of the State Party.

Platform and Issues Committee

The Platform and Issues Committee is tasked with creating and maintaining a State Party platform.


The Rules Committee is tasked with creating proposals for changes to the State Party Constitution, Bylaws, and Convention Rules.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Convention Committee

The Convention Committee is responsible for planning conventions. That includes receiving criteria from the Chair, searching for locations, working with vendors, and providing the recommended choice(s) the Executive Committee.

Ballot Access Committee

The Ballot Access Committee is responsible for all things related to ballot access. This includes voter registration, ballot access laws, and petitioning.

Web Committee

The Web Committee is responsible for all IT-related items required by the State Party.

You can request to join a Committee. Not all requests can be honored because we want to keep the committees to a reasonable size so that they can function, but you can also always give feedback to the committees directly.