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RELEASE: Libertarians mourn passing of Vice-Chairman


The Libertarian Party of Kentucky expressed grief at the loss of their Vice Chairman, Matthew Keefe, who passed away on October 8th.

“Matthew was a bright young man with an even brighter future. It is sad that Matthew had to leave us so soon. He was not only a loyal resource for the Libertarian Party, but he was a good friend as well,” said Fourth District Chairman Ken Moellman.

Eric Cranley, the party's State Executive Committee Chairman, noted that “Matthew Keefe started as one of our youngest active members. He held multiple positions in the party and was highly respected for the work that he did. No one ever questioned his commitment to liberty.”

Matthew Keefe learned Robert's Rules of Order in High School, for non-political purposes. He attended political rallies at age 16, and became politically active in the Libertarian Party of Kentucky at age 17. He had had served multiple roles in the Libertarian Party, including his most recent role as Vice-Chairman of the State Executive Committee. He had also previously served as Fourth District Chairman.

Moellman noted, “His passing will not be unnoticed by those that knew him. Matthew was always a caring, enthusiastic, and fun person to be around. We are all better people for having known him. He will not be forgotten.”