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Register to vote as a Libertarian

Online Voter Registration

Kentucky began online voter registration on March 1st, 2016. You can choose Libertarian on the drop-down menu under "Party". Follow the link to online voter registration and follow the step-by-step process. After a week, you should verify your registration status.


Traditional Voter Registration

Sample Registration Card

Step one: Download and print a voter registration card

Step two: Fill out the card.

  • In box A, you need to mark whether or not you're an American citizen.
  • In box B, you need to mark whether or not you'll be 18 years old before the next general election.
  • In the next box, mark the appropriate option:
    • If you were never registered to vote in Kentucky before, mark "New Registration".
    • If you've moved within Kentucky since you last registered, mark "Address Change".
    • If your name has changed (marriage, etc.) mark "Name Change".
    • Otherwise, mark "Party Change".
  • Leave the area for the clerk's use blank.
    • Do not fill in Precinct Code, Precinct Name, Town, or Other Code.
  • Fill in your vital information.
    • Use your physical home address in the "address where you live" box.
    • If you have a different address to receive mail (like a PO Box), enter it on the second address line.
  • Under Party Registration, mark the "Other" box and write "Libertarian" on the line provided.
    • other valid options are Constitution, Green, Independent, Reform, and Socialist Workers.
  • Read the affirmation and then sign and date the registration form.
  • Leave the 2 witness signatures blank.

Step three: Mail the completed form to:

State Board of Elections
140 Walnut St
Frankfort, KY 40601-3236

Step four: Verify your registration status

A week after you complete and return your voter registration card, you should verify your registration status.

If, after two weeks, you are still not re-registered Libertarian, or if you are just marked as "Other" please contact Ballot Access Committee ChairmanMark Gailey. We need to track the failures by the voter registration agents, so we can fix some other issues we're having throughout the state.

Example registration form

This is an example of a completed voter registration card.