Get Ready to Run!

We have election ballot access.

For the first time in history the Libertarian Party of Kentucky has earned ballot access. This means the Libertarian Party has the right to place candidates on the official Kentucky state election ballot without enduring the ordeal of collecting hundreds or thousands of petition signatures, depending on the race.  The Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY) needs 2,148 qualified candidates to run in the 2018 elections. That’s the number of candidates we need to reach our goal of putting a Libertarian in every partisan race in the state.  To see a list of Kentucky’s 2018 partisan races sorted by county, state and federal offices CLICK HERE.

Are you a Libertarian?

If you are not sure whether you are Libertarian enough to run for office, take this 10 question quiz to see where you fit on the political map.  TAKE THE QUIZ.

To qualify as a Libertarian candidate in 2018 you must begin, SOON! 

The most important thing for Libertarian candidates to do at this time is confirm that you are registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State (SOS) to vote as a Libertarian, not Independent but Libertarian.  You can do this online at the SOS website.

(Watch this space for a 2018 Kentucky Libertarian candidate checklist to help you stay on track.)


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